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Sat. 21May16 - Day 4 - Eagle Nest, NM to Goodland, KS

Our second, roughly 400 mile riding day, is in the offing.  I didn't get to take any pictures before we got to Goodland, KS.
We had a great breakfast at Eagle Nest Sr. Center before heading back down the twisties on our way to Raton, NM.  There, the fuel stop was donated by Tim Trujillo and the Independent Riders of Raton.  After coffee, refreshments, presentation and a brief program, we saddled up for a quick parade through town before the next leg, 107 miles, to Pueblo, for lunch.
I planned to stop at a Honda dealership along the way.  The front brakes haven't been as solid as I'd like, especially towing a trailer in formation.  Oddly, they start kinda spongy in the morning and firm up after while.  I imagine it's air somewhere in the line.
Fuel and lunch was had in Pueblo, CO.  The fuel stop was donated by American Legion Riders Posts 38 & 2.  I found a Honda shop that was open on Saturday, and just a short distance from our fuel stop. I opted to tap out of the pack at this point and head to the dealership. There, a service tech quickly and efficiently bled the front and rear brakes for me. That brought the brakes back up to where I expected them to be.

I got back on the road and was able to catch up to the pack in a reasonable amount of time.  As per instructions, I fell in behind the Last Manned Vehicle for the rest of the ride into Limon, CO.  Once in Limon, we had a fuel stop, donated by the American Legion Riders of Colorado Posts 1985, 32 and 15.
The final leg of the day took us to our overnight stay in Goodland, KS.  Dinner was graciously donated by Citizens of Goodland, KS at The Armory.

Below are two pictures of the storm, as seen from The Armory on Saturday evening.  Here's a link to a short video of the winds at The Armory 

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