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Well, after far too long a hiatus, I'm finally getting back into the blogging 'saddle' as it were.  So much has happened since I first blogged about Run For The Wall back in 2016.

In summary, by year (every participating year has been on Central Route with the trailers platoon):

2017 - Missed this year as we were relocating to Colorado

2017 - Fall. Dad passed from pancreatitis complications.

2018 - Jess co-rode with me, and we carried my part of Dads' ashes All The Way.  He finally made it to The Wall, something he was unable to do while he was still with us.  We made a small tribute to him at the wall, then I brought him back home with me.

2019 - February.  Uncle Howard, one of moms' brothers and one of Dads' best friends, passed.  I made the decision to ride one leg of the next Run in the Missing Man formation in honor of Uncle Howard.

2019 - I was promoted to Tail Gunner for the platoon, which meant assisting the Platoon leadership with daily briefings, rider training and feedback, safety checks and more.  I got to ride in the Missing Man formation from Limon, CO to Goodland, KS.  Of course, Howard and Dad (and probably a few others) had to mess with me.  Driving rain and crosswinds for just over 100 miles.  Well worth it.

2020 - 2021 - COVID prompted The Run to be postponed until 2022.

2022 - I was promoted again, this time directly to Platoon Leader.  Being 'papa bear' for 'my' platoon was very challenging and ultimately extremely rewarding.  I learned much about my platoon mates and more about myself as we traveled east.

2023 - I took a break this year.  Fluffy and I met Central Route when the arrived in Limon, CO for the night.  We got to assist with the dinner, reconnect with old friends and more.  Twas a great night.

2024 - I will be the Platoon Leader again not only for Central Route Trailers platoon, but also the newest route, Sandbox.  I'l get into the details of Sandbox in another blog entry.  In short, Sandbox Route rides from Washington, DC to Marseilles, IL where we will pay our respects at the Middle East Conflicts Wall, dedicated to those service members who made the ultimate sacrifice in our more recent overseas conflicts.

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