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PSA - Be kind, courteous and grateful for our hosts, at all times

It bears repeating, always be cognizant of your interactions with the residents of the communities through which we pass. This means year round. Why do I say that? Firsthand recent experience... In making a recent hotel reservation in one of the smaller communities, the lady answering the reservation line just so happened to be a board member for o...

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Reminder / PSA about hotel canopy parking

A reminder / PSA for my fellow riders. If you are of the habit of parking your motorcycle under the canopy of a hotel overnight, please break that habit before We Ride.Hotel employees, while well intentioned, may not be aware of the legal and financial ramifications that can be levied by the local fire department and/or fire marshal.If that should ...

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RFTW 2024 - In the offing!

Welcome to Limon The Welcome to Limon sign

Well, after far too long a hiatus, I'm finally getting back into the blogging 'saddle' as it were.  So much has happened since I first blogged about Run For The Wall back in 2016. In summary, by year (every participating year has been on Central Route with the trailers platoon): 2017 - Missed this year as we were relocating to Colorado 2017 - ...

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