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Fri. evening - 27May16 - Time with family...

After arriving at Trudy & Scotts and catching up a little bit, a much needed shower was had, thanks to the humidity in the area.  Boy, do I not miss that.  Decent temperatures with sticky humidity levels.
We went out for a lovely dinner at a new-to-me restaurant in Gainesville, most of which has just exploded with new businesses since I moved away.

Another obligatory foodie pic

I'll be keeping my eyes open, in the future, for more chances to explore the menu at Nandos' Peri-Peri restaurants (link here).  They're a US based chain that is part of Nandos restaurants from South Africa.  The food is delectable and brought back fond memories of my experiences when I traveled to Africa.
After catching up with everyone, Jess and I headed out to Maryland, where we'd be staying with one of my dearest friends, and brother in my family of choice, Erik.  I'd not seen Erik in about a year, and had not seen his fur baby, Alpha, in probably 2 years.  Alpha, a Belgian Malinois, who is French rings for agility, and personal protection trained, has set the bar VERY high for what I want in a fur baby of my own.  Despite not seeing her in so long, she completely lost her mind when she saw me.

We quickly unpacked and set ourselves up for an early night with Erik, as Jess and I had to be up and out fairly early to meet up with the pack on Saturday morning. 

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