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Fri. 20May16 - Day 3 - Gallup, NM to Angel Fire & Eagle Nest, NM

Starting the day with a beautiful view
A comfortable morning, with a beautiful backdrop for breakfast and our daily briefings in Gallup, NM.  Our hosts this morning were the City of Gallup and the Red Rock 10 Theatre.

A fellow rider has to head home...
After breakfast, and before the morning briefings and raffles, we had a chance to catch up with our platoon mate who suffered the bent trailer axle yesterday.  Being a mechanical type of guy, he was able to straighten the axle enough so that he and his ride could limp back home.  We were sad to see he had to turn back, but were glad that it wasn't more serious for him.

Onward to Route 66 Casino
Our first leg, after leaving the scenic vistas of Gallup, is a fuel stop at the Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque, NM.  There the fuel was graciously donated by Thunderbird Harley Davidson.
After fueling, re-staging and a quick bio-break, we were on our way to the Camel Rock Casino in Santa Fe, NM.  Albuquerque PD also provided escort assistance as we passed through their part of this beautiful state.

Random selfie :D

Lunch at Camel Rock Casino in Santa Fe, NM
A fuel stop and great lunch, donated by our hosts, the Camel Rock Casino, were had before we started our last leg of the day, to Angel Fire, NM.

Last leg of the day, to Angel Fire, NM
The ride to Angel Fire, NM, was absolutely beautiful.  The twisties, as we climbed to about 8,500' elevation, were a lot of fun.  We were advised, ahead of time, that we'd be traveling mostly single file, and working our transmissions through the mountains to the Angel Fire Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
The Angel Fire Vietnam Veterans Memorial was built by a father who lost his son, and his son his platoon, in Vietnam.  Below are the pictures I was able to take, which do not do the memorial justice.  The red bricks that you see, with names, are added each year by volunteers, and they frame the footpaths.  The entire experience was extremely moving.
Here are a few videos I was able to take, as well.
Kim, playing her pipes
View from one side of the memorial
View from the other side of the memorial

Dinner at Eagle Nest, NM

Our hosts for dinner this night went all out.  Great buffet line, fellowship, and a cake that was out of this world.  Pics below... 

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