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Fri. evening - 27May16 - Time with family...

After arriving at Trudy & Scotts and catching up a little bit, a much needed shower was had, thanks to the humidity in the area.  Boy, do I not miss that.  Decent temperatures with sticky humidity levels.We went out for a lovely dinner at a new-to-me restaurant in Gainesville, most of which has just exploded with new businesses since ...

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Sat. - 28May16 - Paying our respects...

Our first stop, Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb Of The Unknown SoldierJess and I arrived early enough this morning at the host hotel to enjoy a bit of breakfast as she started trying to take it all in.The number of riders allowed into Arlington National Cemetery is limited to no more than 400 out of the 1,000 or so from all three rout...

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Fri. - 27May16 - Final Day - Lewisburg, WV to Washington, DC

The end of the ride is in sight...  With an unexpected 'bonus' for me...Today marks the last of our cross-country journey.  Tomorrow, we pay our respects around our nations' capital.  254 miles from Lewisburg, WV to Arlington, VA, with stops in Staunton and Toms Brook, VA.We rode out from Lewisburg, after getting to hear from on...

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Thurs. 26May16 - Day 9 - Hurricane, WV to Lewisburg, WV

A day in West Virginia...Today is a very short day, from a riding perspective.  131 miles from Hurricane to Lewisburg, with stops in Charleston and Rainelle.  But, what stops they are, particularly Rainelle, WV.  But, we'll get to that stop shortly.After a short ride from Hurricane to Charleston, we were greeted by the governor ...

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Wed. 25May16 - Day 8 - Corydon, IN to Hurricane, WV

250 miles and 3 more states...Days ago, as we approached the Mississippi River, we were cautioned about two upcoming challenges... The humidity increases, and east coast cagers...  As we would get closer to our objective, we would be dealing with increased risk of hyperthermia and inattentive, aggressive drivers.  Words to be heeded,...

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Tues. 24May16 - Day 7 - Wentzville, MO to Corydon, IN

300 miles and 3 states...Todays journey will take us through 3 states: Missouri and Illinois before we arrive for the night in Indiana.Breakfast was provided by our hosts, VFW Post 5327.Our first stop, two miles down the road, took us to the Wentzville, MO, Veterans Memorial.While, as an FNG this year, all my experiences have been 'firsts' for...

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Mon. 23May16 - Day 6 - Junction City, KS to Wentzville, MO

Eastbound with a constant crosswind out of the south...Today is another day of few photos, such is life lol.Our day started with breakfast, compliments of our hosts, The Fraternal Order of Eagles by CVMA and HOG.  Today, we're traveling about 350 miles on I-70E, doing our best to avoid weather that is traveling mostly the same direction.W...

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Sun. 22May16 - Day 5 - Goodland, KS to Junction City, KS

Felt like Dorothy, did not become Dorothy...Last night, many of us took as much stuff as we thought we might need/lose off of our bikes into our hotel rooms.  The winds were whipping, and the skies quite ominous.  There was even a tornado warning, or three, in the area.  Thankfully, upon rousting from slumber, I looked out ...

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Sat. 21May16 - Day 4 - Eagle Nest, NM to Goodland, KS

Our second, roughly 400 mile riding day, is in the offing.  I didn't get to take any pictures before we got to Goodland, KS.We had a great breakfast at Eagle Nest Sr. Center before heading back down the twisties on our way to Raton, NM.  There, the fuel stop was donated by Tim Trujillo and the Independent Riders of Raton.  ...

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Fri. 20May16 - Day 3 - Gallup, NM to Angel Fire & Eagle Nest, NM

Starting the day with a beautiful viewA comfortable morning, with a beautiful backdrop for breakfast and our daily briefings in Gallup, NM.  Our hosts this morning were the City of Gallup and the Red Rock 10 Theatre.A fellow rider has to head home...After breakfast, and before the morning briefings and raffles, we had a chance to cat...

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Thurs. 19May16 - Day 2 - Williams, AZ to Gallup, NM

Well, that was unexpected!After a restful night at my hotel in Williams, I went out to pack up and head to breakfast, only to find The Lady and The Tramp covered in frost. Needless to say, she was not amused with my forgetting to put a cover over her after we arrived at the hotel here ...  She'd become quite spoiled (Hello, Prima Donna?)&...

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Weds. 18May16 - Day 1 - Ontario, CA to Williams, AZ

Pack and public safety is paramount.To ensure overall pack and public safety, there was extensive coordination with local and state law enforcement entities (LEOs) throughout the mission as the pack passed through an area.  In some areas, we had extensive law enforcement presence and assistance, both in automobiles and motorcycle uni...

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Tues. 17May16 - Day 0 - Ontario, CA experiences

Many friends were concerned that I'd be undertaking the eastbound trip alone.  This could not be further from the truth, as this blog will show.I arrived at my hotel, which was down the street from the host hotel, where all the events, briefings, and what not would happen prior to our departing on Day 1. Just a quick photo of a few of the bike...

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Tues. 17May16 - Day 0 - Heading to Ontario, CA

This is it!  The morning that I head out to Ontario, CA, to check into the first of many hotels in the coming weeks.  I'll be meeting many fellow supporters and veterans, getting our first FNG briefing, meeting my pack and platoon mates.  Nerves abound!Day 0 Pictures Locked, loaded and ready to go!The Lady and The Tramp are packed an...

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Days leading up to departure...

After months of preparation, the day that I embark on my longest organized group ride approached, at an alarming rate...  Had to get mom off to the airport, with her suitcases o' supplies, transport chair, and whatnot.  That went without a hitch, the weekend before I was to leave for Los Angeles.Pre-Departure StuffJust a little stuff was ...

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From desire to reality - An FNGs' experience with Run For The Wall 2016

When I lived in the metro DC area, after I started riding motorcycles, I started participating in Rolling Thunder.  Dad, a Vietnam Army Veteran, had gotten me hooked on riding motorcycles when I was a kid.  I wanted to do something to honor his service, as well as support Rolling Thunders' mission.  You can read about their miss...

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